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True Crime: Notorious cases that are stranger than fiction

Currently's true crime blog highlights some of the most bizarre and gruesome crimes.

Killers on camera: 5 murder cases that remain unsolved despite video evidence

Feb. 21, 5:55 pm ET

Midlothian Police publicly released video and stills of the suspect in the killing of Terri
Midlothian Police publicly released video and stills of the suspect in the killing of Terri "Missy" Bevers on April 18, 2016. (Screen shot)

Surveillance footage has become a crucial element of modern criminal investigations, and cases often hinge on video evidence. But several high-profile murder cases remain unsolved despite investigators finding and publicly sharing video of a prime suspect.

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Ex-wrestling star arrested in wife's murder after two-hour police standoff

Feb. 13, 6:40 pm ET

William Albert Haynes Jr
William Albert Haynes Jr (Indep)

A former professional wrestler has been arrested after allegedly shooting and killing his 85-year-old wife.

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Nev. teen allegedly killed her little brother and dad, told police she ‘couldn’t control the urge to kill’

Feb. 13, 6:30 pm ET

Mashenka Reid was arrested Friday after she allegedly called 911 and told a dispatcher, “I shot my dad. I shot my brother. I think my brother is dead,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

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Killer shows daughter where he buried her mother 54 years after the murder

Jan. 30, 7:10 pm ET

Muriel McKay (C) between brothers Arthur (L) and Nizamodeen Hosein (R), both convicted of her kidnapping and murder.
Muriel McKay (C) between brothers Arthur (L) and Nizamodeen Hosein (R), both convicted of her kidnapping and murder. (People)

Mistaken for newspaper mogul Rupert Murdoch’s wife, Muriel McKay was dragged from her London home, tossed into the back of a beat-up Volvo and held for a £1m ransom at a Hertfordshire farm in December 1969.

Her family never saw her again.

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5 haunting tales of infamous spouses convicted of killing their partners

Jan. 12, 7:45 pm ET

Evelyn Dick was accused and convicted in the murder of her husband, John Dick, who went missing in 1946. His remains were found scattered around Hamilton, Ontario.
Evelyn Dick was accused and convicted in the murder of her husband, John Dick, who went missing in 1946. His remains were found scattered around Hamilton, Ontario. (Fox News)

These five individuals carve their place among infamous spouses convicted of murdering their partners: Kelly Cochran, Evelyn Dick, Scott Peterson, Mary Elizabeth Wilson and George Joseph Smith.

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Four California family members found murdered; 17-year-old among 3 neighbors arrested in mystery case

Jan. 11, 5:40 pm ET

Four members of the same family were found dead at two adjacent houses earlier this week and a 17-year-old neighbor has been charged with four counts of homicide in a case that has shocked a quiet neighborhood in Reedley, California, according to police.

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Nashville man kills wife with hammer on New Year's Day, buries her body in 6-foot grave: Police

Jan. 8, 7:00 pm ET

Joseph Glynn, 70, was arrested Saturday after police uncovered the body of his 76-year-old wife, Jackie Glynn.
Joseph Glynn, 70, was arrested Saturday after police uncovered the body of his 76-year-old wife, Jackie Glynn. (Fox News)

A Nashville man allegedly killed his wife with a hammer at their home on New Year’s Day and buried her body in a grave on their property in another county, authorities said.

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Former '80s rock musician arrested after girlfriend's body found in California woods

Jan. 5, 4:50 pm ET

Theobald "Theo" Lengyel (L), 54, was arrested Tuesday, January 2, 2024, and charged with first-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend, Alice "Alyx" Kamakaokalani Herrmann (R), 61. (Fox News)

A former rock musician was arrested and charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend after a body was found in a wooded area of a California park.

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Man charged with murder of teacher ex after body found in burned-out car

Dec. 26, 9:40 pm ET

Veronica Aguilar
Veronica Aguilar (social)

The ex-boyfriend of an elementary school teacher whose body was found in the burned-out trunk of a car has been charged with her murder, authorities say.

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Cold cases cracked in 2023: unsolved mysteries that found resolution this year

Dec. 26, 7:20 pm ET

In 2023, a cascade of long-standing mysteries finally met their end. As we reflect on the events of 2023, let's revisit the investigative breakthroughs that brought closure to victims’ families and communities as justice prevailed.

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Fertility doctor convicted of wife’s murder after claiming she fell down stairs

Dec. 20, 1:30 pm ET

Eric Scott Sills, 58, was convicted of second-degree murder for the fatal strangulation of his wife, Susann Sills, 45.
Eric Scott Sills, 58, was convicted of second-degree murder for the fatal strangulation of his wife, Susann Sills, 45. (Independent)

A California fertility doctor has been found guilty of strangling his wife and then telling authorities that she fell down the stairs to her death.

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Beloved store clerk impaled with golf club in vicious deadly attack, Minnesota cops say

Dec. 11, 8:00 pm ET

Robert Skafte
Robert Skafte (social)

At 12:55 p.m. Dec. 8, officers were called to the store for reports of a stabbing. When they arrived, they found a “horrific scene,” Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara said.

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He murdered his wife and tried to pin it on a Black man

Dec. 4, 9:25 pm ET

Charles Stuart and his wife, Carol.
Charles Stuart and his wife, Carol. (social)

On Oct. 23, 1989, a man named Charles Stuart called 911 and told a dispatcher that he and his pregnant wife, Carol, had been carjacked, robbed, and shot in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston on their way home from a childbirth class at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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Indiana teen lured to death by neighbor who hired her, ‘acted like a jealous boyfriend’

Dec. 1, 9:15 pm ET

Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott (mug shot)

After a nearly six-month-long search, missing Indiana 17-year-old Valerie Tindall was found just a hundred yards from her worried parents' front door, hidden inside a homemade box on her landscaping boss' property next door.

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Susan Smith, who murdered her 2 young sons, reportedly said she'd be a 'good stepmom'

Nov. 28, 7:50 pm ET

Susan Smith
Susan Smith (mug shot)

Notorious South Carolina inmate Susan Smith reportedly told one of several suitors that she would make a "good stepmom" as her first parole hearing approaches in her life sentence for drowning her two boys.

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Loose dogs lead cops to horrific scene in apartment

Nov. 22, 7:10 pm ET

An Ohio man is accused of killing his 4-month-old baby, 9-year-old child and wife before killing himself, police say.

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Teen accused of killing boyfriend’s mother after giving him 5-hour deadline to do it himself

Nov. 20, 7:30 pm ET

Jonathan Jones (left), Kaitlyn Coones, 17, and Jones's mother Nicole Jones, 53.
Jonathan Jones (left), Kaitlyn Coones, 17, and Jones's mother Nicole Jones, 53. (Independent)

Kaitlyn Coones, 17, from Cleveland, Ohio, gave her boyfriend Jonathan Jones, 33, a deadline of five hours to carry out the murder of his mother Nicole Jones, 53, earlier this year, prosecutors say.

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Missing Ky. 4-year-old found dead, guardian aunt and boyfriend charged with murder

Nov. 17, 7:30 pm ET

Chloe Darnell
Chloe Darnell (PD)

Two people have been arrested in connection to the death of 4-year-old Kentucky girl Chloe Darnell, the Whitley County Sheriff Department announced in a Facebook post Friday.

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Son accused of shooting Fla. mom and her boyfriend after she had ‘begged for her life’

Nov. 13, 5:55 pm ET

Thomas Matejcek
Thomas Matejcek (mug shot)

Patricia Matejcek, 62, and her boyfriend, Sean Harrison, 55, were found dead in an RV park in Bradenton, Florida.

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Missing woman found dead in car trunk 500 miles away from where she vanished

Nov. 8, 7:05 pm ET

A missing Arizona woman was found dead inside the trunk of a car on Tuesday after police said her estranged boyfriend forced his way into her home and drove her body to California.

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New twist in case of woman suspected of poisoning ex-husband's family with mushrooms

Nov. 2, 4:25 pm ET

An Australian woman, suspected of poisoning her former in-laws and others with deadly mushrooms, has been charged with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder.

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Man arrested for murder on anniversary of Halloween killing committed 41 years ago

Nov. 1, 12:55 pm ET

Police have made an arrest in connection with a decades-old Indiana cold case murder of a man who was fatally shot on Halloween in 1982.

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New homeowners find teen's rotting body in backyard freezer

Oct. 31, 10:15 am ET

Homeowners cleaning their new house in Alabama over the weekend made a disturbing discovery in an overturned freezer in the backyard: a severely decomposed human body.

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Housekeeper's body found dismembered in Colorado murder-suicide

Oct. 27, 4:55 pm ET

Authorities in Colorado say they are investigating a horrific murder-suicide case where police found dismembered body parts belonging to a housekeeper scattered inside and outside the apartment of a man who hired her for a job.

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5-year-old twins found dead in Florida home after mother jumps to her death from bridge

Oct. 25, 7:00 pm ET

The caller told officials that a woman seemed to slide out of the passenger window of her vehicle and jump into the St. Johns River in “what appeared to be an attempt at a suicide,” a sheriff said.

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Man convicted of murdering wife for refusing to appear 'Zombie House Renovations' reality TV show

Oct. 24, 5:45 pm ET

A jury found a Florida man guilty of first-degree murder for killing his wife after she refused to appear on a reality TV show with him, and after he was exposed for lying about inheriting millions, according to reports.

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Nursing student, 25, killed by doctor ex in murder-suicide

Oct. 23, 7:05 pm ET

Gina Bryant, 25, was last seen Oct. 12. Co-workers became concerned when she never returned after a lunch break and they began receiving “odd” texts from her phone, according to the sheriff’s office.

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Major Republican donor who called Barack Obama the N-word dies after attempting to kill his wife in murder-suicide gone awry

Oct. 20, 7:15 pm ET

A Republican activist who has been a reliable donor to Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shot a woman and then himself in the parking lot of a Palm Beach County restaurant, according to sheriff’s deputies.

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Joran van der Sloot’s confesses: I killed Natalee Holloway, then watched porn

Oct. 19, 6:15 pm ET

After almost two decades, the mystery of what happened to Alabama teen Natalee Holloway in Aruba has been solved: Joran van der Sloot confessed to her parents that he beat her to death and then went home and watched porn.

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Trail of blood leads cops to severed head in bathtub of Texas home, police say

Oct. 17, 3:40 pm ET

A Texas man made a chilling confession that led police to a gruesome discovery inside a San Antonio home with a decapitated body in the living room and the severed head in the bathtub.

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‘Sandlot’ actor's mother found murdered, killer at large

Oct. 13, 8:05 pm ET

Deanna Esmaeel, the mother of "The Sandlot" actor Marty York, was found murdered in her home on Oct. 12, 2023.

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Did this man's hidden camera save him from being murdered by his wife?

Oct. 11, 6:55 pm ET

According to the State of Arizona's probable cause description, the murder attempt managed to span two continents

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Man savagely kills, torches woman he mistakenly thought was his ex-girlfriend

Oct. 11, 11:30 am ET

A Virginia man accused of fatally stabbing and then burning the body of a woman who was staying in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment was found guilty of murder and arson on Thursday.

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Homeless man swiftly arrested over murder, rape of 5-year-old Kan. girl: Police

Oct. 5, 5:50 pm ET

A man was arrested less than 24 hours after the rape and killing of a young girl in Kansas this week.

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Republican official was vocal opponent of #MeToo. Now police say he killed and dismembered his fiancée

Oct. 3, 7:05 pm ET

A former San Francisco Republican official charged with the murder and dismemberment of his fiancée was a vocal opponent of the #MeToo movement, according to multiple reports.

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Philadelphia journalist shot to death inside his own home

Oct. 2, 7:30 pm ET

Police responded to his home at about 1:30 a.m. and found Kruger shot seven times in the chest and abdomen. He was taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

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Murder suspect waved 26-year-old tech CEO down to open a door to her apartment building before her murder

Sept. 27, 8:05 pm ET

Investigators say suspect Jason Billingsley was seen on surveillance footage waving Pava LaPere down from outside the Baltimore building where she lived and worked two-and-a-half days before her body was found on the roof.

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American Airlines flight attendant found dead with sock in mouth inside Philadelphia hotel room

Sept. 27, 7:35 pm ET

The 66-year-old woman, whose name has not yet been released, was reportedly found by housekeeping staff with a sock in her mouth at 10:45 p.m. on Monday.

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Colorado mom's remains found 3 years after she vanished

Sept. 27, 7:35 pm ET

Three years ago, Suzanne Morphew vanished without a trace on Mother’s Day after going on a bike ride, sparking a high-profile case that once involved murder charges against her husband. On Wednesday, Colorado authorities finally revealed they had found the 49-year-old’s remains.

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Search for missing Okla. mom ends when cousin finds body wrapped in carpet in drainage culvert

Sept. 26, 1:50 pm ET

The last time anyone had seen Makayla Fay Meave-Byers, she was leaving home on Sept. 15, possibly for a date, climbing into a white Chevrolet pick-up truck with tinted windows.

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Family of 4, including 2 kids, shot dead along with 3 pet dogs in Illinois: Cops

Sept. 20, 2:40 pm ET

Authorities said a senseless quadruple murder in Romeoville, Illinois, including two adult victims and their two children was "not a random incident."

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Accused killer floats chilling theory about teen girls' murders

Sept. 19, 10:50 am ET

Attorneys for Richard Allen, the man accused of murdering two teen girls in Delphi, Indiana, made shocking new claims in a new court filing Monday.

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6 ‘Soldiers of Christ’ arrested in Georgia after 70-lb. woman found dead in car trunk

Sept. 15, 8:30 pm ET

Six members of a religious group called “Soldiers of Christ” have been charged with killing a South Korean woman recently found dead in the trunk of a car, who authorities said was lured to the United States to join the religious group but was tortured and starved instead.

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Missing doctor who lived near Twin Towers officially died on 9/11 — but sleuths suspect she was killed earlier

Sept. 14, 7:00 pm ET

More than a decade after an appeals court decided the mysterious death of a New York City doctor happened Sept. 11, 2001, the true crime community is paying new attention to the peculiar circumstances of Dr. Sneha Anne Philip, who was last seen the day before the terror attacks.

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Single dad lured to Texas desert was beaten and buried alive

Sept. 13, 8:00 pm ET

In May 1997, things were looking up for Gary Patterson, a 33-year-old Waco, Texas draftsman and single dad with a 6-year-old daughter Crystal.

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Alabama sheriff's dispatcher, 23, killed by deputy boyfriend In apparent murder-suicide

Sept. 11, 11:25 am ET

Authorities said Lexi White, a 911 dispatcher for the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, and Kenneth Booth, a deputy at the same office, were dating. They believed the two had an argument that escalated to the point where Booth pulled out his gun and shot her.

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Ukrainian adoptee, 22, accused of stabbing his missionary parents to death in family’s Florida home

Sept. 9, 2:40 pm ET

A Ukrainian man has been charged with the stabbing murders of his adoptive parents in Florida.

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Missing student's ex-boyfriend sentenced for her murder 15 years after disappearance

Sept. 7, 7:05 pm ET

Krista Lueth has been missing since November 2008, when she failed to show up for a class at Michigan State University, where she was studying horticulture

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‘Heated argument’ among married deputies ends with husband shooting wife dead

Sept. 1, 1:15 pm ET

A dispute among married deputies ended with one of them shot dead, Oklahoma police said.

"We are all heartbroken. Jordan was a ray of sunshine with a smile that could light up a room. She loved being a deputy sheriff and had a heart for serving others," Sheriff Chris Amason wrote in reaction to the news.

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Texas family of 4 dead in apparent murder-suicide weeks after daughter's drowning

Sept. 1, 1:05 pm ET

Two parents and two of their children were found dead Monday in what appeared to be a murder-suicide in Allen, Texas, weeks after their daughter drowned, police said.

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‘Lady of the Dunes’ killer identified after nearly 50 years

Aug. 30, 2:55 pm ET

After nearly 50 years, the mystery of the “Lady of the Dunes” case has finally been solved with police concluding that the woman whose mutilated body was discovered on Cape Cod was killed by her husband.

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Florida mom kills her two children and herself in murder-suicide after losing custody battle

Aug. 29, 11:40 am ET

Brandy Hutchins “from every indication in our investigation now, has murdered her 10-year-old child and her 19-year-old child. Murdered them,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a press conference on Sunday. “And then subsequent to that, she shot herself.”

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Roller skating influencer found dead near burning vehicle; foul play suspected

Aug. 25, 6:20 pm ET

Police are investigating the death of 22-year-old social media influencer Beauty Couch, whose body was found near a vehicle engulfed in flames in Austell, Georgia, a city in the Atlanta metro area.

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21-year-old stabbed over 100 times protecting mom from stepdad, cops say

Aug. 25, 5:25 pm ET

Angelina Tran, 21, apparently woke in the middle of the night on Aug. 7, saw her mother being beaten by her stepfather, Nghiep Kein Chau, 54, and stepped in to intervene — at the cost of her own life.

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19-year-old woman ambushed and kidnapped — and then her body was found dumped in a field. What happened to Andrea Vazquez?

Aug. 23, 8:40 pm ET

It was a Sunday night and a young couple were sitting together in a car at a park near Los Angeles.

What happened next was something straight out of a horror movie — except this was real life.

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Man who disappeared during the 2021 Texas freeze found buried in his backyard

Aug. 23, 8:30 pm ET

Colin Kerdachi, 78, was reported missing by friends on Feb. 20, 2021, police said, following a major winter storm that slammed the state, leaving 246 people dead across 77 counties.

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Man kills woman and keeps her body in SUV as he drives it for 30 days, Louisiana cops say

Aug. 22, 7:50 pm ET

A man was arrested after Louisiana deputies say he drove around with a woman’s body for a month after killing her.

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District attorney names Pennsylvania teacher's former student as prime suspect in her murder

Aug. 22, 7:40 pm ET

The Beaver County District Attorney's Office is asking the public for help in solving the murder of Rachael DelTondo, a 33-year-old Pennsylvania teacher who was shot dead in her driveway on Mother's Day of 2018.

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British neonatal nurse Lucy Letby sentenced to life for 'sadistic' murders of 7 babies

Aug. 21, 8:40 pm ET

Lucy Letby, who refused to appear in court to face grieving parents who spoke of their anger and anguish, was given the most severe sentence possible under British law, which does not allow the death penalty.

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Aug. 18, 12:15 pm ET

A man who killed eight people in one of Tennessee's worst mass murders will not face the death penalty after pleading guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder.

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11-year-old girl found in plastic bag under bed sent chilling text to dad before her death

Aug. 16, 7:15 pm ET

The father of an 11-year-old Texas girl whose strangled and sexually assaulted body was found underneath her bed on Saturday said she sent him an alarming message moments before her death.

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Mother finds murdered woman wrapped in plastic inside her son’s room

Aug. 16, 7:10 pm ET

A homicide investigation has been launched after a mother called the police to report discovering a woman wrapped in plastic in her son’s bedroom.

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Man allegedly kidnapped wife’s lover, beat him to death and hid body with wife

Aug. 15, 8:15 pm ET

Police found a man's body wrapped in duct taped-secured plastic dumped inside a detached structure of a couple's home over the weekend.

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'Family Feud' contestant who mocked wife on national TV sentenced for her brutal murder

Aug. 15, 8:05 pm ET

Timothy Bliefnick, the one-time "Family Feud" contestant who mocked his wife on the nationally broadcast game show and later shot her to death during a bitter divorce and custody battle for their three sons, will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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Georgia man sentenced to life for murdering homecoming queen for dating someone else

Aug. 11, 8:20 pm ET

A Georgia man was sentenced to life in prison for shooting into a car last November, killing his teenage girlfriend and injuring a man in the Army that she was dating.

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Alleged 'black widower' accused of murdering his 6th wife — and her apparent hitman

Aug. 10, 12:05 pm ET

"Black widower" Thomas Randolph – who has been married to six women, four of whom are dead – is back in headlines this week as he begins his second murder trial for the alleged killing of his sixth spouse and her apparent hitman.

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Mom-of-5 posted chilling Facebook post before she was found dead on Md. hiking trail

Aug. 10, 11:55 am ET

Rachel Morin shared a post on Facebook that hinted at her possible affinity for thrill months before she was found dead along a forest trail in Maryland.

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Why we’re so fascinated with moms who kill

Aug. 10, 11:45 am ET

In March 2023, a Utah woman named Kouri Richins published a children’s book titled Are You With Me? which she characterized as an effort to help her three young sons process the loss of their father, who had died suddenly the previous year.

A few weeks later, on May 8, 2023, Richins was arrested and charged with killing her husband, Eric.

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Woman's husband arrested after Florida police find her body parts in suitcases floating in waterway

Aug. 3, 8:55 pm ET

William Lowe told Delray Beach, Florida police investigators that his wife, Aydil Barbosa Fontes, had traveled to Brazil and had been away for about three weeks. The 78-year-old man could not explain how she got to the airport or which airline she traveled on, police said.

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Ex-Auburn football player helps bail out wife, her lover who are accused of plotting his murder

Aug. 3, 8:45 pm ET

Former Auburn football player Robert Shiver helped bail out his estranged wife Lindsay Shiver and her alleged accomplices after they were charged with trying to have him killed, according to a local report.

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Olympic boxer convicted of killing pregnant girlfriend who wouldn’t have an abortion

Aug. 1, 2:15 pm ET

Former Olympic boxer Félix Verdejo-Sánchez was convicted on Friday of killing his pregnant lover in 2021 because she refused to get an abortion.

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Accused killer smirks at horrific details of meth-fueled sex slaying

July 26, 9:25 pm ET

A Wisconsin woman accused of brutally strangling and dismembering her lover in a meth-fueled tryst smirked and made a “finger gun” gesture in court on Tuesday as witnesses revealed graphic details about the February 2022 murder.

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Brother posted chilling Facebook tribute to the 16-year-old sister he sexually assaulted and murdered

July 25, 7:40 pm ET

The day before his arrest on Dec. 1, 20-year-old Connor Gibson wrote on Facebook: “Amber, you will fly high for the rest of time. We will all miss you. Especially me. I love you ginger midget.”

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Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect’s first words after arrest revealed

July 25, 7:30 pm ET

The Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect had a somewhat blase reaction when a group of plain-clothes police officers swooped on him in the heart of a busy Manhattan street and arrested him in connection to a chilling series of cold case murders, according to authorities.

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Multiple suitcases found in Florida containing with woman’s mutilated remains

July 24, 8:10 pm ET

The gruesome discovery was made after someone called 911 to report a suspicious item in the Intracoastal Waterway in Delray Beach around 4 p.m. Friday.

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Man killed ex-girlfriend and her sister before committing suicide on Facebook Live

July 24, 8:00 pm ET

The horrific incident began to unfold shortly before 6 p.m. Sunday ― and ended later with the gunman shooting himself live on Facebook.

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After hours-long standoff, mother and 3 children found dead in possible murder-suicide in Oklahoma

July 21, 5:40 pm ET

A woman and her three children — ranging from a few months old to 11 years old — were discovered dead in their home in Verdigris, Oklahoma, on Thursday evening in an incident that started with firecrackers going off in the garage.

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Father accused of killing his three sons ‘had plotted murders for months’: Court documents

July 20, 7:30 pm ET

Chad Doerman, an Ohio father accused of murdering his three sons, had been plotting the killings for months, according to court documents.

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Ex-escort describes eerie date with Gilgo Beach murders suspect where he obsessed over those killings

July 19, 5:50 pm ET

A former escort who claims she once went on a date with suspected Gilgo Beach serial killerRex Heuermann has described chilling comments that he allegedly made about the then-unsolved murder case.

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Portland authorities say deaths of 4 women are linked after speculation about serial killer

July 18, 8:30 pm ET

Authorities said they have identified a link between four women who were found dead in Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding area over the last three months.

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Bodycam video reveals horror scene of Jimmie Johnson’s in-laws’ murder-suicide

July 17, 8:15 pm ET

Bodycam footage released by police in Muskogee, Oklahoma, captured the chilling moment that NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson’s mother-in-law took her own life after shooting her husband and grandson.

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Investigation into soldier whose trans wife was found dead after he absconded

July 14, 8:10 pm ET

The military has launched a criminal investigation into a Fort Cavazos soldier whose wife was found dead in mysterious circumstances while he was “willfully” absent from the Texas base for 11 days.

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Disturbing new details emerge in case of Tennessee surgeon killed in exam room by patient

July 14, 8:05 pm ET

An affidavit revealed that beloved Tennessee hand surgeon Benjamin Mauck was shot to death in front of a stunned nurse.

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Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten released from prison after 53 years

July 11, 8:30 pm ET

Former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten was released from prison on Tuesday after serving 53 years behind bars, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

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New Alex Murdaugh jail call audio reveals incredibly awkward interaction with surviving son Buster

July 11, 8:20 pm ET

During the brief conversation, Murdaugh — who was convicted of murdering his wife and other son — says he has been trying to call his son and tells him he "loves" him and is "proud" of him.

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Police searching for clues after a man's decapitated body was found in a Japanese love hotel

July 10, 8:30 pm ET

A man's headless body was found in a love hotel in Japan. He was last seen alive while entering the building with a person dressed in women's clothing.

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Plea deal reached in murders of teen Black Lives Matter activist and 75-year-old

July 7, 8:20 pm ET

A Florida man who kidnapped and murdered a Black Lives Matter student activist and a retired state worker will face life in prison, after taking a plea deal confessing to the two women’s deaths.

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Cops nab NYC man for concealing brother’s corpse in garbage bag, find second body in grisly case

July 7, 8:25 pm ET

Cops investigating a man’s body discovered stuffed in a garbage bag in Queens arrested his brother Thursday for concealing the corpse. They also happened upon a second body at the victim’s home, police said.

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Iowa teen jailed for beating Spanish teacher to death with baseball bat over bad grade

July 6, 8:05 pm ET

The first of two Iowa teens who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder after bludgeoning a Spanish teacher to death with a baseball bat was sentenced Thursday to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 35 years.

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Decades-old DNA ties brutal rape, murder of 78-yr-old with Alzheimer's to plumber

July 6, 7:55 pm ET

In 1985, a bespectacled grandmother suffering from Alzheimer's disease wandered out of her home in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, and into the car of a stranger. He dumped her body 30 miles away on a dead-end dirt road, naked and badly beaten.

She died 11 days later.

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Mom charged after 7-year-old daughter’s decaying body found in closet

July 5, 10:30 pm ET

A Georgia mom is facing charges after her 7-year-old daughter was found decaying in a closet of a vacant apartment, police say.

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Lawyer whose license was suspended after father's complaint charged with dad's murder

July 5, 10:25 pm ET

A Florida lawyer who was accused of stealing from his family’s trust fund is now charged with murder in connection with his father’s death.

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New Mexico mom looking for love found in desert weeks after disappearing from her home

July 3, 4:45 pm ET

New Mexico nurse Dawn Sandoval longed for the love of a lifetime. But her quest to find love again after two failed marriages, and a devastating betrayal would cost the mom of four boys the ultimate price.

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NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson’s in-laws and their 11-year-old grandson dead in apparent murder-suicide

June 27, 11:45 pm ET

The in-laws of NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson and their grandson were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in Oklahoma, police said Tuesday.

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Golden anniversary turns tragic as couple, 97-year-old relative are fatally stabbed and beaten

June 27, 11:15 pm ET

A couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and a relative in her 90s were found stabbed and bludgeoned to death in a Boston area home over the weekend.

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California grandmother was murdered by cheating husband over wealth, documentary says

June 23, 4:05 pm ET

On Dec. 15, 2005, doting matriarch Minnie Smith was found dead on the bedroom floor of her California home. The 66-year-old had been beaten repeatedly with a metal fireplace tool, which fractured her face and skull.

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30 of the darkest true crime stories you've probably never heard before

June 23, 2:05 pm ET

Warning: This story includes graphic and disturbing content ahead including mentions of abuse, rape, and murder.

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5-year-old's tragic final moments before her murder detailed in new affidavit

June 20, 10:40 pm ET

The Montgomery family had been living in their Chrysler Sebring for about 10 days before Harmony Montgomery was fatally beaten by her father for having bathroom accidents in the car, according to a newly unsealed affidavit.

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New York lovers allegedly used burner phones and power tools to murder her ex-hubby

June 20, 10:35 pm ET

A New York husband and wife allegedly used burner phones, heavy machinery and meticulous planning to murder the wife’s ex-husband and thoroughly cover their tracks, federal prosecutors allege.

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Man kills wife, daughter and grandchildren in horror murder-suicide a year after she predicted attack

June 16, 7:25 pm ET

Six people, including three children, are dead after a horror murder-suicide in Marion County, Tennessee, authorities say.

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Ohio father lined up, executed three young sons with a rifle, prosecutors say — even hunting one down

June 16, 7:35 pm ET

An Ohio man has been charged with murder after his three young sons were shot and a young girl was seen running in the street screaming her father “was killing everyone,” authorities say.

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Vermont trust-fund kid accused of killing mom at sea dies awaiting trial

June 15, 7:40 pm ET

Nathan Carman, the 29-year-old Vermont man accused of slaying his mom and dumping her body in the Atlantic during a 2016 fishing trip, died on Thursday, federal prosecutors announced. He was slated to go to trial in October on murder and fraud charges surrounding the death of his mom, Linda Carman, who prosecutors say Carman killed in order to boost his share of the family’s multi-million dollar estate.

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A body in a suitcase, Bonnie and Clyde fantasy and baby born in Bali prison: The chilling case of Heather Mack

June 14, 6:35 pm ET

Infamously dubbed the “Suitcase killer,” Heather Mack, then 18 and pregnant, and her boyfriend Tommy Schaefer, then 21, bludgeoned her socialite mother Sheila von Weise-Mack, 62, to death and stuffed her body in a suitcase while on vacation at a luxury 5-star resort in Bali.

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Utah man allegedly murdered by author wife took 'highly unusual' steps to boot her out of will

June 14, 5:55pm ET

Eric Richins, a Utah man allegedly poisoned to death by his wife of nine years, took "highly unusual" steps to keep his wife from becoming the sole beneficiary of his estate after his death, according to his attorney.

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NYC man tries to frame his daughter for estranged wife's bathtub murder

June 13, 8:00 pm ET

A business executive and mother of two was found dead in what appeared to be a slip-and-fall accident, but savvy New York City investigators soon realized there was more to the case.

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Utah mom Kouri Richins Googled 'luxury prisons for the rich' after allegedly killing husband

June 13, 7:50 pm ET

Prosecutors say Richins, 33, poisoned her husband, 39-year-old Eric Richins, with fentanyl the evening of March 3, 2022, at their home just outside of Park City, Utah, while their three young sons were sleeping.

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Ex-partner of missing Minnesota mom arrested in connection with her disappearance as her remains are found

June 12, 5:05 pm ET

Madeline Kingsbury, 26, was last seen the morning of March 31 when she and her children's father dropped their two young children off at a day care before returning to her home

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Grandmother dismembered and grilled; daughter and granddaughter face murder charges

June 8, 3:30 pm ET

Candace Craig, 44, and her daughter, Salia Hardy, 19, were arrested in connection to the death of 71-year-old Margaret Craig, which police say took place inside the victim's Maryland home.

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Former Red Sox star's son kills his 8-year-old son, then himself 3 years after his ex's disappearance

June 7, 7:40 pm ET

A man and his 8 year-old son were found dead in a Massachusetts home in what officials are calling an apparent murder-suicide, three years after the child's mother went missing under mysterious circumstances.

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Newly released home video shows pattern of control and manipulation hours before the murder-suicide of entire Haight family — by their patriarch

June 6, 7:40 pm ET

On Jan. 3, Michael Haight told his children he loved them, that the next day they could all go sledding and went over some specifics of his impending divorce with his wife, Tausha Haight.

The next morning, Haight shot and killed his entire family before turning the gun on himself.

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True crime fanatic arrested in South Korea for killing, dismembering woman ‘out of curiosity’

June 6, 7:35 pm ET

Police in the South Korean city of Busan have arrested a 23-year-old true crime fanatic woman in connection with the killing and dismembering of another.

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Austin, Texas, has its first known serial killer in 138 years — but questions remain

June 5, 8:05 pm ET

Austin has its first known serial killer since the "Servant Girl Annihilator" was believed to have killed eight women in 1885, according to city authorities.

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A timeline of Natalee Holloway's unsolved disappearance

June 5, 7:55 pm ET

It's been nearly 20 years since Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway vanished on the last day of her high school graduation trip to Aruba, and the main suspect in her disappearance, Joran van der Sloot, awaits extradition to the United States this week.

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