Urban Meyer's career tragicomedy never ends

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Our celebrity culture can bring to life better tragicomedies than any writer could imagine. Urban Meyer’s night in a Columbus, Ohio, bar is a perfect example.

Meyer, the NFL coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, stayed in Ohio following the team’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Meyer was recently the head coach at Ohio State University, where he won the College Football Championship in 2014 and has many family and friends (and apparent admirers) in Columbus.

Two days after his team’s game, a video made the rounds on Twitter featuring a young woman (not Meyer’s wife) getting very comfortable with him at a bar. The incident gained even more attention since Meyer’s wife was tweeting about babysitting their grandchildren at the time, even using the hashtag #BuddyDeservedANightOut. Also of note: The bar features a picture of Meyer with his wife hung on the wall.

Meyer has a well-established history of generating controversy wherever he goes. He was once the coach of a University of Florida team that featured devout Christian Tim Tebow and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez. That team had more than 30 arrests in six seasons. Since then, he left his previous two coaching jobs citing “health issues,” only to return to coaching elsewhere.

You would think that is not the man you would entrust with leading a team that is worth $2.8 billion. And yet, Meyer remains the head coach of Jacksonville — for now. With the Jaguars at 0-4, there is talk he might get fired midseason with the bar video used as a pretext.

But don’t worry, Urban will find another job soon. The University of Southern California is rumored to be considering him for a new opening after it fired its head coach just two games into the season. It is too bad none of these schools ever considered character when making their head coach decisions. After all, what kind of trouble could a man like Urban Meyer get into in the city of Los Angeles?

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