TBY Holding To Acquire IP Brokerage Rights For Erdal Can Alkoclar & Metehan Yesil Patents

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ZURICH, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TBY Holding, a newly founded investment holding company that has recently purchased 75% shares of Europe's largest biomass energy facility plant, has acquired the sole exclusive Intellectual Property Brokerage Rights of 128 pharmaceutical patents invented by Erdal Can Alkoclar and Metehan Yesil.

Mutlu Bozkurt, Erdal Can Alkoclar, R.Lubega Kenneth, Farhad Bakhtiar (PRNewsfoto/TBY Holding)
Mutlu Bozkurt, Erdal Can Alkoclar, R.Lubega Kenneth, Farhad Bakhtiar (PRNewsfoto/TBY Holding)

The extensive portfolio consists of 422 patents invented by Erdal Can Alkoclar and Metehan Yesil that includes 1134 ingredients; with a wide range of potentially curative and adjuvant formulations ranging from antiviral anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents to senolytic, pro-somathropic, anti-asthenic, myotrophic, nootropic and anti-carcinogenic compounds.

Esen Darlan; the CEO of TBY Holdings stated that the portfolio has a dual potential usage ; both as scientific securities that may be finalized as both pharmaceutical and bioceutical formulations in US market and also as solid collaterals for banking and credit loans.

The vast patent portfolio holds a nominal estimated value of 3.200.000 USD based on previous scientific Audit reports and Trade court valuations.

"Composed entirely of Turkish inventions facilitated by Turkish teams, we are eager to further export our biotechnological know-how & facilitate technology transfers especially to African and Middle Eastern regions while simultaneously establishing joint ventures with US companies to finalize our formulation patents as registered drugs and supplements in North American Market," stated Mahmut Ogul, the chief consultant to the Board of TBY Holding.

"Mr Yesil and Myself have a profound trust on our team at TBY Holding under the lead of Mr. Darlan. We will continue to provide IP brokerage rights to our authorized group companies as corporate representation regarding the optimum & efficient usage of pharmaceutical patent portfolios like ours is the only convenient concept of making the best of their potential. We firmly believe professional team in our holding will deliver," commented Erdal Can Alkoclar.



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