Producer Andrew Scheps visits Brad Pitt’s revamped Miraval Studios and checks out the ‘Spaceship’ mixing desk that the actor co-designed

 Miraval Studios Andrew Scheps
Miraval Studios Andrew Scheps

Back in 2021, we got confirmation that Brad Pitt was one of the people behind the restoration of the legendary Miraval Studios - located at Château Miraval in the South of France - and the facility officially opened for business last year

Now, along with Avid, producers Andrew Scheps and Carmen Rizzo have paid a visit to Miraval to discover the reimagined studio for themselves.

One of the highlights of the remodel is the Spaceship desk. Co-designed by Pitt and his business partner Damien Quintard - who is on hand here to show Scheps and Rizzo around - this six-metre monster contains several pieces of classic analogue hardware, all routed into Pro Tools.

Scheps is suitably impressed with the new Miraval, noting that “it’s amazing that anyone would bother building a place like this at this point”. You can check out his and Rizzo’s conversation with Quintard in the video above.