Nurse asks TikTok to stand in for her mother as she lands dream job

 (TikTok / @sunnybrooke12)
(TikTok / @sunnybrooke12)

A nurse shared the news to TikTok that she had landed her dream job working in the ER, just like her mother. Sadly, her mother passed away, so TikTok users pretended to be her mum instead.

The TikTok video, posted by user @sunnybrooke14, gained over six million views in just one week. “Can you guys pretend to be my mum for a second,” she begins the video teary-eyed. Then, she starts speaking to her stand-in mum.

“I officially got hired in the ER,” she said. “It’s the job I wanted for a long time and I’m super excited. Yes, this is the same ER you worked in for 16 years.”

She explained that she was nervous about the new position because she’s new to the ER and has a lot to learn. “I’m pretty bummed that you’re not there,” she added, because their work schedules would’ve overlapped. “I know we butted heads a lot, I would’ve liked to learn this stuff from you,” she said.

“But they still have your picture in the break room, so it’s kind of like you’re there, right?” the nurse said.

The bittersweet video received over one million likes on TikTok, and commenters were more than happy to step in as mum for the ER nurse.

“Congratulations!” said @waterdragonrai. “We are so proud of you. You’ll do great.”

“I want to say congrats but the congrats is for your patients, they’re clearly in the best hands,” commented @thedarcymichael. “You’re doing so great!”

“I’m not your mum, but I’m a mum,” commented @catherinemacc. “And I’m really proud of you. I know she would be too.”

“From one mid shift ER nurse to another, I’m so so proud of you honey,” said @failing_full_circle.

Even the verified TikTok account for Santa Claus himself offered his congratulations. “Congratulations! I’m so proud of you. Let your light shine bright,” said @​​santajclaus.