NBA GM Would Trade Jayson Tatum for Kevin Durant Over Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart

The combination of Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart is more valuable than Jayson Tatum, according to one NBA general manager.

The GM spoke to Ric Bucher of Fox Sports and said he would rather trade Tatum than move Brown and Smart in a deal for Kevin Durant:

"KD and Tatum are talented, but I don't know how tough they are. I know he's a lot younger than KD, but if you're just trying to win one title, do you trade Tatum for Durant? I'd do that before I'd give them Jaylen and Smart. Brown is valued a little less than Tatum because he's not the skill darling. He's a high level athlete who has developed into a good player. But I have to think Brooklyn would prefer Tatum and you wouldn't have to give up Smart."

This article will be updated soon to provide more information and analysis.

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