HBO Max’s ‘My Mom, Your Dad’ series features Orlando family

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The reality dating genre may be saturated at the moment with popular shows like “Love is Blind” on Netflix, “Married at First Sight” on Lifetime and “The Bachelor” franchise on ABC, but it looks like there’s still room for another love-on-TV show, and this one focuses on a very specific demographic: single parents.

HBO Max streaming original “My Mom, Your Dad” follows a group of single parents who move into a house together to try and find love while their adult children live in a second house, secretly watching their every move through hidden cameras and manipulating their encounters.

It’s like “The Parent Trap,” but with older kids.

The show features several parent-child duos, including mother Karen Larrea from Orlando, who describes filming the show as “The best six weeks of my life.”

“It was surprisingly wholesome,” daughter Breana Symone said of the experience, adding, “it made me learn more about my mom.”

Of course, when you mix kids, parents and dating, there’s bound to be at least some awkwardness, and there were “definitely some cringe moments” according to Symone. However, looking back on her time on the show, Symone said she relates more to her mom now. “It showed me that she’s a person dating just like I am.”

And finding out your child has been secretly watching your every move while you’re trying to find a new relationship? “That was cringey for me!” mom Larrea said. “My brain started like a Rolodex, what did I do, what did I say?”

So did Larrea find a love connection on the show with the help of her daughter? “You’ll have to watch to find out!” Larrea says.

The inaugural 8-episode season of “My Mom, Your Dad” is now streaming in its entirety on HBO Max.

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