Everything to know about Apple’s iPhone 13

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iPhone 13 (Apple)
iPhone 13 (Apple)

First came the whispers, then the rumors and finally the leaks about Apple’s newest iPhone, but CEO Tim Cook set the record straight at the company’s splashy “California Streaming” event this week.

To the delight of Apple fanatics, Cook showed off the latest and greatest features of four new iterations of the company’s best-selling product: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. All of the models are available for pre-sale starting Sept. 17th.

Battery Life

The iPhone 13 lineup comes with a bigger and longer-lasting battery compared with its iPhone 12 counterparts. Depending on the model, the new lithium-ion battery will last 1.5 to 2.5 hours longer than its predecessor. But there are caveats to this promise. Apple admits that a battery’s charge depends on several factors, including network configuration, use and settings.



Apple doubled the minimum capacity of the iPhone 13 and the maximum capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro. All models now offer 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. There’s even a 1TB option — that’s enough storage to accommodate roughly 250,000 photos or about 500 hours of high-definition video. For people with those kinds of capacity needs, the 1TB option will add about $200 to the iPhone’s price tag.


A15 Bionic Chip

To support better battery life and more storage, the iPhone 13 models have a new powerhouse processor: the A15 Bionic. Apple says the chip is just plain faster. The A15 is supported by a new graphics processing unit (GPU), a new image signal processor for chores like reducing photo “noise” and a higher performance engine for AI and machine learning.



The camera is one of the main differences between the iPhone 13 Pro and the standard model. There’s a new triple-lens camera system with a larger telephoto lens, which powers a 3x optical zoom for the first time on an iPhone. The Pro models are better at capturing macro photography shots since their cameras can magnify subjects with a minimum focus distance of less than an inch.



The latest line comes with notable new and old favorite colors. The iPhone 13 and 13 mini are offered in red, starlight, midnight, blue and pink, which is finally available for fans who’ve been demanding the soft hue for years. The 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max come in four colors: silver, graphite, gold and a buzzy new sierra blue.


While the iPhone 13 models don’t have flashy new gadgets that technophiles are looking for, the lineup has solid improvements to capacity, speed, battery life and camera functionality. And considering how people utilize their phones today, those upgrades may be just what they need.

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