Currently, The Good News for July 14: These 8 stories will leave you smiling

A collection of hand-picked stories that will make you smile, Currently, The Good News features some of the most interesting headlines from around the globe.

1. MLB fan choking on hot dog is saved by pitcher's dad

A Washington Nationals away game in San Francisco could have ended in tragedy were it not for Joe and Tyson Ross's doctor dad.

2. Binx the cat found 16 days after Surfside condo collapse

In what has been hailed a "miracle" for one of the families affected by the condo disaster in Surfside, Florida, a cat that lived in Champlain Towers South has been found alive — more than two weeks after the building collapsed.

3. Quick-thinking bystanders avert carnival ride disaster

A malfunctioning carnival ride in Michigan could have spelled disaster for riders were it not for the swift action of bystanders who leaped to the rescue.

4. Watch this 57-year-old swimsuit model dominate the runway

"This is what runway domination at 57 years old and 5'2" tall looks like on the surface," the veteran model wrote on Instagram. "What you don't see are the years of hundreds of rejections, discipline, heartbreak and balls-to-the-wall perseverance behind what it took to be in this short video! Fake it 'til you make it."

5. Officer completes DoorDash delivery after arresting driver

This Arkansas cop went above the call of duty.

6. Chat in workplace bathroom may have saved 2 men's lives

A chance conversation in a workplace restroom led to a happy ending for two men in desperate need of new kidneys.

7. Toddler unexpectedly says what every mom needs to hear

A toddler's kind message for his mom is warming hearts around the world.

8. Woman looking to adopt pet finds her own lost dog

A woman was scrolling through a list of adoptable dogs at her local humane society when she came across a photo that made her heart skip a beat.

Must-watch videos of the week:

Whopper of a message: BK staff sticks it to bosses with viral sign

Burger King might tell its customers to "Have It Your Way," but their iconic slogan seemingly didn't apply to a group of disgruntled employees in Nebraska, who quit in grandiose fashion.

Meet Phantom, the 7-foot-tall horse going viral on TikTok

This shiny-haired stallion has a colt following after a video showcased his towering height and brought in more than 11 million views.

Brazen fan walks onto course, steals club out of golfer's bag

An unruly spectator was ejected from the Scottish Open after crashing the green and plucking a club from Rory McIlroy's bag.

By Jackie Nash