Currently, The Good News for May 12: These 8 stories will leave you smiling

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A collection of hand-picked stories that will make you smile, Currently, The Good News features some of the most interesting headlines from around the globe.

1. Mom goes viral for shaving her legs with sandpaper

This 49-year-old mom's life hack may rub you the wrong way — but hear her out.

2. Villagers stunned to find giant frog as big as a 'human baby'

In a rare incident, villagers of the Solomon Islands encountered a frog as big "as a human baby" during a hunting expedition.

3. 4-year-old hacks mom's account, buys thousands of dollars worth of popsicles

Four-year-old Noah Ruiz loves two things: popsicles and SpongeBob. And when he discovered both objects of his passion had been combined into one fruity and delicious icy treat, he did the only sensible thing: he ordered them.

4. U.K. mom sets record for 'fastest labor'

A woman from the U.K. has made history after giving birth to her baby in just 27 seconds with only one push.

5. Meet the man behind the most viral — and irritating — Starbucks order ever

There is absolutely no shame in Edward's Starbucks ordering game.

6. This woman was bitten 3 times by a copperhead snake — and survived

Susan Conlin O'Neil was walking home from dinner to her Hilton Head Island condo when she took a step down on the sidewalk and felt a pang in her heel. It was really no big deal, she told her friends, saying, "Something got me!" But then the second bite came. And the third.

7. Internet turns 'unrecognizable' DiCaprio photo into amusing meme

One publication found itself on the wrong end of a Twitter trend this week after posting an image of Leonardo DiCaprio from an upcoming film.

8. Watch: Mom and gorilla bond over newborn babies

A visitor to a Boston zoo has proven that motherhood really is a bonding experience with a now-viral video showing two mothers — one human, one gorilla — gazing at each other's offspring.

Must-watch videos of the week:

Why this gross spaghetti trick is making waves on Twitter

An enterprising home cook has devised a questionable way to make a large batch of spaghetti in a flash.

Blake Shelton thinks 'The Voice' has finally found its 'first superstar'

The Voice Season 20 Live Playoffs commenced Monday, and although the season had gotten off to a slow start, this episode was surprisingly one of the strongest in recent Voice memory.

Tom Cruise returns Golden Globes in protest

Amid the controversy surrounding the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's lack of diversity, Tom Cruise has returned his Golden Globe trophies in protest.

By Jackie Nash