Man jumps off cliff to his death — as family films it

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Man jumps off cliff to his death — as family films it

A Dutch tourist died Thursday after hitting the rocks when he jumped into the sea from a cliff in Malgrats Islands, Spain.

The man misjudged the distance and hit the rocks before rebounding and falling into the water. However, despite the impact, forensic analysis determined that the reason for his death was due to drowning.

The horrific accident was witnessed — and filmed — by his partner, who was with their son on a nearby boat. When the man reached the top of the cliff, about 80 feet high, he waved and then leaped off. Due to a miscalculation, however, he ended up crashing against the rocks in a brutal impact.

A special emergency device, members of the Civil Guard, and a group of divers were immediately mobilized.

The victim's body was recovered at a depth of about 50 feet. The autopsy determined that he was alive when he hit the water, but died by remaining unconscious at the bottom.