Tim McGraw: Country star jumps into concert crowd to confront heckling fans after forgetting own song lyrics

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 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Tim McGraw stopped a recent concert to confront fans who heckled him for forgetting his own song lyrics.

The country singer, 54, was performing his song “Just to See You Smile” in Reno, Nevada, on Saturday (9 October), when crowd members made their frustrations known.

In a video that’s been obtained by TMZ, McGraw is shown to persevere after seeming to forget the song’s lyrics.

However, he brings things to a halt after hearing the comments made by the crowd members.

Another video shows him telling the fans that they are welcome to leave the show if they’re not enjoying themselves. McGraw then jumps into the crowd to confront the hecklers.

McGraw eventually returned to the stage to finish the show after other crowd members grew angry with him for delaying proceedings.

Tim McGraw kept forgetting the lyrics to his song ‘Just to See You Smile’ (Getty Images)
Tim McGraw kept forgetting the lyrics to his song ‘Just to See You Smile’ (Getty Images)

The singer went on to explain he was forgetting the song lyrics as he had been awake for 48 hours filming 1883, a film prequel to the TV series Yellowstone.

“I’m not having a mid-life crisis,” he said in the video, adding: “If I forget words tonight, just know I’m old. And I’m shooting a movie and I’m working with my wife. There are a lot of variables in that situation. So, if I forget the words, sing along with me and help me out.”

The Independent has contacted McGraw for comment.

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