Dad trying to have son killed dials wrong number and leaves voicemail, Ohio cops say

An Ohio father was trying to have his adult son killed when he called one of his friends in search for a hitman, according to local news reports.

But the dad had accidentally dialed the number incorrectly, instead reaching a business in Westlake, according to WJW.

He left three voicemail messages for the business on Oct. 13, reported.

“It’s a five grand hit on him,” the man said in one of his messages, according to the news outlet. “I don’t give a (expletive) where he’s at or what he’s doing or who he be with. Kill that (expletive).”

An employee of the business later called Westlake Police to report the “suspicious voicemails,” WOIO reported.

Police traced the messages back to the Ohio father, WJW reported, and he told them he had made the calls after drinking.

“It should have never happened,” he said in court Tuesday, March 28, according to WJW. “I was really drinking heavily. It was a disagreement and I’m very sorry for what I did. … That’s my son. That’s my baby boy.”

The 58-year-old man pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated assault earlier this month, WOIO reported. He was then sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Westlake is about 15 miles west of Cleveland.

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