24 Serial Killers Who Led Double Lives And Held "Normal" Jobs

Before reading, please be informed that the following depicts true accounts of people who committed severe crimes. Mentions of death, murder, SA, and suicide are included. Reader discretion is advised.

1.H. H. Holmes — pharmacist

portrait and profile photo of Holmes

2.Richard Angelo — nurse

Richard Angelo

3.Jeffrey Dahmer — chocolate factory worker

mugshot of Dahmer

4.Randy Steven Kraft — bartender

photo of Kraft sitting at a preliminary hearing

5.Andrei Chikatilo — literature teacher

photo of Chikatilo sitting behind bars

6.Bruce McArthur — mall Santa

Bruce McArthur

7.Thomas Neill Cream — physician

photo of Cream

8.Dennis Nilsen — military member

Nilsen being escorted in a police van

9.John Wayne Gacy — children's party clown

Gacy's mugshot

10.Linda Hazzard — medical practitioner

photo of Hazzard

11.Fred and Rose West — ice cream truck driver

photo of Fred West

12.Harold Shipman — general practitioner

mugshot of Shipman

13.Robert Lee Yates — prison guard

Robert Lee Yates crying

14.Ted Bundy — suicide hotline volunteer

photo of Bundy being carted off to jail

15.Michael Swango — physician

Swango being lead out of court

16.Marcel Petiot — doctor

photo of Petiot in court

17.Dorothea Puente — boarding house manager

Puente appearing in court

18.Cary Stayner — motel handyman

photo of Stayner

19.Ed Gein — babysitter

photo of Gein leaving court

20.David Berkowitz — USPS letter sorter

Berkowitz mugshot

21.Robert Pickton — pig farmer

photo of Pickton from a TV interview

22.Dean Corll — candy factory owner

Day job: Candy factory ownerDean Corll was known to pass out candies to local children from the candy factory his family owned. But between 1970 and 1973, he would torture and kill boys and young men inside his various rental houses and apartments in Houston. Corll recruited the help of Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. and David Owen Brooks to lure these victims into their van with the promises of rides and parties. Their killing spree ended in 1973 only because Henley shot Corll during the attempted sexual assault of a victim. When police arrived to the scene, the 17-year-old Henley confessed to the 28 murders, six of which he committed, and led them to the remains. Henley was convicted of six counts of murder and his role in the killings. He received six consecutive 99-year sentences.

23.Philip Markoff — medical student

photo of Markoff sitting in court

24.And Dennis Rader — ADT Security Services alarm installer

photo of Rader's mugshot