'A sad scene:' Stray bullet pierces window, kills man eating Thanksgiving meal with family

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A 25-year-old Pennsylvania man eating Thanksgiving dinner was killed by a stray bullet that shot through his home.

Montgomery County (Pa.) District Attorney Kevin Steele said in a news release Friday that Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma suffered a bullet wound in the torso on Thanksgiving evening and then was flown to a nearby hospital before being pronounced dead.

According to authorities, a suspected gunman remains at large. An argument was happening outside of Moctezuma's home in Norristown, Pa. – a Philadelphia suburb – before it led to the fatal accident. No one from inside the home is a suspect.

“Mr. Palaez Moctezuma was murdered while eating Thanksgiving dinner inside his home, and to be clear, he and his family were not involved in the dispute,” Steele said in the release. "We will find this shooter and the others involved in this killing and seek justice for the murder of an innocent man, who wasn't safe even in the confines of his own home."

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"A sad scene, man. It was a sad scene, very bad," neighbor William Holmes told CBS News. "Sitting in there, you know, with your family for Thanksgiving and you would never expect for anything like that."

Police identified one suspect, 19-year-old Kevon Clarke, who is charged with first-degree murder, reckless endangerment and weapons offenses. Two other men were identified at the scene of the crime and warrants are also out for their arrest.

Police said surveillance videos and an analysis of the bullet hole helped them determine that the bullet had come from Clarke’s location.

According to police, a suspect shot several shots in the vicinity during a dispute with relatives over liquor that had gone missing from a gathering earlier in the day.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: PA man eating Thanksgiving dinner killed by stray bullet through home

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