Michigan man tells police prostitute reneged on $10 deal

A 34-year-old Michigan man was reportedly arrested after calling police to report a prostitute he’d paid $10 was refusing to honor their agreement.

The unidentified solicitor called Saginaw, Mich., cops shortly before 8 a.m. Saturday to complain a 24-year-old prostitute, who was present when police arrived, had reneged on her alleged vow to perform a sex act of an unspecified nature, according to Michigan Live.

Cops arrested the caller for accosting and solicitation. The woman he accused of breaching their contract was reportedly hauled in on a prostitution charge. Both are misdemeanors. However, both parties arrested were out on bond related to home invasion charges, Michigan Live reported.

There’s no indication the pair had a physical altercation.

Police officers in Saginaw stay busy, according to ABC News, which reported in October the 44,000-person city’s violent crime rate surpassed that of Detroit to become the fourth-highest in the nation. Law enforcement reportedly blames staffing shortages and funding cuts for some of the central Michigan city’s troubles.

Prostitution is illegal in Michigan, where “Soliciting, accosting, or inviting to commit prostitution or immoral act; crime” is listed in Section 750 of the state’s penal code.

“Part-Time Lover” singer Stevie Wonder counts himself among Saginaw’s famous natives.