‘Let it go viral’: See passengers melting down over masks get kicked off JetBlue flight

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You may be losing track, but another disturbing incident involving face masks on a plane was caught on camera Wednesday evening.

Airline: JetBlue.

Route: Fort Lauderdale to San Diego.

Flight: 529.

In video posted by a fellow passenger and reshared to thousands by social media influencer Fifty Shades of Whey, a maskless man is seen yelling and cursing at two male flight attendants at the front of the aircraft.


At one point, the aggressive man forcefully grabs one of the flight attendants by the arm as passengers gasp.

“You made me wait four f---ing hours for this flight, do you understand that? You gave me one [expletive] warning! One warning, that’s it! I pulled it up the second he said something! F---ing bulls--t!”

A blonde woman, seemingly his companion, then ambles up the aisle toward the front, with a blue mask on, mumbling and cursing.

She stops to talk to fellow passengers while pulling her mask down, explaining that her 5-year-old son wasn’t wearing his mask correctly, but they fixed it for him. “We offered to comply, but that wasn’t good enough,” she tells her fellow passengers, while pulling her mask down. “Now we’re being kicked off. Let it go viral. We’re going to sue. Everyone I know is an attorney.”

The man up front is still screaming at the top of his lungs, saying he was vaccinated and only given one warning.

“You guys have caused a f---ing scene!” he shouts to the flight attendants, then orders one to face the rest of the people on the plane who were inconvenienced by this chaos.

“Turn around!” he shouts, but his request is ignored.

After his exit, the passengers applaud.

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According to JetBlue, the travelers, who were traveling with two children, was asked multiple times to wear their masks properly but would not comply and never made it off the ground at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Broward County Sheriff’s Office Airport District deputies met the parties at the airport, but no arrests were made.

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“We apologize to our other customers on this flight for their experience during this incident,” JetBlue said in a statement to media. “For reference, crew members are trained to speak to customers who are not following policies. If a customer refuses to wear a face mask after being asked, crew members will work to de-escalate the situation to the best of their ability to gain compliance prior to removal. The safety of each customer and crew member is our first priority, and we must work together to follow the federal mask mandate during the travel journey.”

The New York-based airline added that these individuals are are now banned from ever flying with it again.

The latest in-flight brouhaha came a day before President Joe Biden announced a crackdown on unruly passengers. According to the Transportation Security Administration, first-time anti-maskers will see fines go from $250 to $500 and $1,000; repeat offenders could face fines of up to $3,000 as well as being placed on no-fly lists.