Ashley Madison Report Names the U.S. Cities Most Likely to Engage in Adultery

Peter Cade/Getty Images

A new survey has determined the 20 U.S. cities where residents are most likely to engage in adultery, and a whopping 20 percent of the results are located in the Midwest.

Controversial dating website Ashley Madison offers discretion for its users to pursue extramarital relationships. Fittingly, their slogan tells people, “Life is Short. Have an Affair.” The company conducted an internal investigation to determine where the majority of its members are based. Using that information, it compiled the top American cities where residents are most likely to seek out affairs. Paul Keable, the site’s chief strategy officer, revealed the results exclusively to Fox News.

Ashley Madison found that Florida is the top state for infidelity in the country, claiming three of the top five spots. Miami and Orlando claim the first two spots, respectively, while Tampa landed in fifth. In between Florida’s hubs are party capitals Atlanta and Las Vegas, coming in third and fourth.

Four midwest cities also made the top 10. Residents of Cincinnati (No. 6), Minneapolis (no. seven), St. Paul (No. 8), and Pittsburgh (No. 10) were found to be especially likely to seek out an affair, as were those in three Colorado towns—Denver (No. 11), Colorado Springs (No. 14), and Aurora (No. 17).

Perhaps notably, several more-remote outposts ranked on the list. Tucson, AZ (No. 13), Anchorage, AK (No. 15), and Bakersfield, CA (No. 16) were found to be at fairly high odds of engaging in adultery.

"Infidelity is truly universal, and we see people from across the political spectrum joining our site. We have seen research outside of our company that shows that more right-leaning people tend to sign up [for] Ashley Madison. So, [the results] shouldn't come as a surprise," Keable told Fox.

Speaking to Men's Journal about the rapidly changing societal attitudes that are leading people to seek relationships outside of their marriage, Keable explains it ultimately comes down to a variety of people fulfilling a variety of desires. Partners and co-parents cannot always provide the necessary emotional attention for one another, he says.

"People want to be wanted, they want to be desired," Keable says. "We’re told, particularly in Western civilization, that men need to be [the] strong, silent type and they don’t require that emotional component to their lives. But, we do."

You can view the top 10 U.S. cities most likely to engage in adulterous behavior below. The full rankings can be found here.

  1. Miami, FL

  2. Orlando, FL

  3. Atlanta, GA

  4. Las Vegas, NV

  5. Tampa, FL

  6. Cincinnati, OH

  7. Minneapolis, MN

  8. St. Paul, MN

  9. Buffalo, NY

  10. Pittsburgh, PA