Chris Paul: JR Smith Stepping on Beehive During Golf Tourney Scared Them to Death

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Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul provided a positive update on former teammate JR Smith after the latter stepped on a beehive during his first college golf tournament for North Carolina A&T on Tuesday.

In an interview with USA Today's Chris Bumbaca, Paul said Smith is alright, but the incident "scared [Smith] to death."

"Yeah, yeah (laughs) he's all right, scared him to death though. Scared me to death too when I saw the video," Paul said. "He's all right now. I think (former NFL wide receiver) Larry Fitzgerald told him the best thing he could tell him. He said, 'There ain't never no bee hives in the fairway.' Stay in the fairway, he ain't got to worry about that."

Smith was playing on the 12th hole at the Elon Phoenix Invitational in Burlington, North Carolina, when the incident occurred. The 36-year-old reportedly went into the woods to find his ball when he stepped on the beehive.

Smith finished the 12th hole with a double bogey and recorded scores of 78 and 83 during the first two rounds of the tournament.

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