The Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Islands

Ah, the kitchen island–the unsung workhorse of the kitchen. Perhaps the most multifunctional space of any kitchen, the island provides a place to gather, work, and if we're being honest—drop your stuff when you walk in the door. In many homes they add smart storage and, in an increasing number of kitchens, a pop of color. According to the Houzz 2021 Kitchen Trends Survey, 41% of renovating homeowners are opting for a kitchen island paint color that contrasts their cabinet color. Of those, the majority go for classic colors that never go out of style; 27% go for blue and 20% choose gray, 10% went with white and another 10% picked black. Whatever hue you choose, painting your kitchen island is a great way to set the tone for your kitchen, whether that's bright and bold or totally subdued. Looking for a few swatches to start with? Here are some tried-and-true, designer-approved kitchen island paint colors.