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    The man who had coronavirus firmly in his grasp, only to see it slip through his fingers

    Israel's first wave of coronavirus was a success story, but its health officials say a second wave appears to be on track for a very different ending.

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    The Independent

    Kanye West says he’s done with Trump and denies his presidential candidacy announcement is a stunt

    Kanye West apparently no longer supports US president Donald Trump, after announcing his own bid for the 2020 presidential race.Speaking to Forbes magazine, the rapper and producer said he was “taking the red hat off, with this interview”.

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    The Telegraph

    ‘Being shamed as a ‘Karen’ has made me change my name’

    It wasn’t until arriving at Oxford, where I found myself surrounded by plummy-accented Sophies and Lavinias, that I first felt the subtle impediment of my moniker. Consonant-heavy and impossible to shorten gracefully (“Kaz” still makes me shudder), I’d never particularly been fond of the name “Karen”. My Eastern European immigrant parents picked it out of a baby name book in the mid-1980s because they thought it sounded English and thus aspirational; what they weren’t to know was that, in class-obsessed Britain, it was actually considered inherently ‘common’. It was during the whirlwind of new faces at Freshers Week that introducing myself as “Karen” first began to present a hindrance. Even before privately-educated peers had the opportunity to enquire “Where did you go to school?” as a means of quietly determining my social strata, my Christian appellation had already marked me out as Not One of Us. The fatal combination of my name and a comprehensive school education meant that on more than one occasion introductory pleasantries were followed by eyes drifting over my shoulder, in case there should be anyone more suitable to speak to, such as a Muffie or a Lettice. Still, even I couldn’t have predicted that, a decade and a half on, my name wouldn’t just put me at a disadvantage among the upper classes but also those who claim to stand for the under-privileged. Over the last year, the name “Karen” has become shorthand on social media for a stereotype of a certain type of woman, one who is often middle-aged, speaks her mind and, in the UK at least, happens to be lower middle or working class. It has also, inexplicably (since many Karens aren’t white, particularly in the United States), come to refer to white women, most of whom aren’t actually called Karen. Labour MP Jess Phillips has been called a Karen (a tweet mockingly labelling her “Shadow Karen Minister” has racked up thousands of ‘likes’), as has, unsurprisingly, JK Rowling, for daring to speak up about incursions on women’s rights. As is often the way now on the Marx-infused left, any protest about the misogynistic undertones of the trope only deems you to be even more of a Karen (one common theme in the “Karen” caricature is that she always demands to speak to the manager).

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    Evening Standard

    Disney star Sebastián Athié dies aged 24

    Disney star Sebastián Athié has died at the age of 24.The actor was best known for his role as Lorenzeo Guevara in the Argentinian teen series O11CE, which aired on Disney Channel Latin America (known in the United Kingdom as Disney 11).

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    Yahoo TV

    The 'Dukes of Hazzard' car with Confederate flag will remain on display at an Illinois auto museum

    Volo Auto Museum director Brian Grams argues that car museum is a suitable place to display a piece of automobile — and television — history.

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    The US is showing no mercy for international students even in the middle of a pandemic

    The over 250,000 Indian students enrolled in US universities now run the risk of being sent packing. The Donald Trump administration on July 6 tweaked an exemption that allowed foreign students to stay in the US even when most of their classes are being held online amid the Covid-19 pandemic. In the fall semester starting in August/September, the US authorities will not issue new visas to students starting at schools or programmes that are fully online nor will Customs and Border Protection (CBP) permit any existing international students to enter the US, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced on July 6.

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    Good Housekeeping

    These 50 Scary Quotes Will Definitely Keep You up at Night

    They're perfect for the spooky season.From Good Housekeeping

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    Dog not allowed to bark in house does hilarious half-bark instead

    Now that's a clever way to break the rules!