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    This virtual relay race is encouraging Black Americans to vote in the presidential election

    A women's group is hosting a virtual relay race to highlight the civil rights movement and help increase Black voter turnout for the 2020 presidential election.

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    Bleacher Report

    Krack Loves the Over in Cowboys-Seahawks

    A wild 70% of games the first two week hit the over, but is the under due to crash soon

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    How to Bet MNF?

    Even though it makes him feel a bit square, Krack loves the OVER (52.5) in Ravens vs. Chiefs

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    Bleacher Report

    Who to Bet on in Steelers vs. Texans?

    Krack tells us the Sharp action this week is on the Texans (+4 or +5 depending on line fluctuations)

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    The Telegraph

    Donald Trump unveils his 'America First' healthcare plan

    Donald Trump announced his long-awaited health care plan on Thursday as he seeks to fulfill a campaign promise before the presidential election. The US president vowed to protect people with pre-existing medical conditions, a key part of the Obama-era healthcare legislation which his administration is attempting to strike down, as well as calling for an end to surprise medical billing. Mr Trump unveiled his healthcare "vision" during a speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, a key swing state in this year's race, saying his "America First healthcare plan" would deliver quality health care at a "much lower cost" to the public. Mr Trump has repeatedly attacked the Affordable Care Act, the signature healthcare policy signed into law by President Barack Obama, and promised to repeal and replace it with an alternative healthcare plan during his first term.

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    NBA Stars on Their Bubble Experiences

    Giannis, Harden, Melo and more describe their time in Florida. Watch now and don't miss ‘The Arena’ on TNT Thursday at 7pm ET 🎥

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    Harper's Bazaar

    Mariah Carey Says Her Affair with Derek Jeter Inspired Her to End Marriage with Tommy Mottola

    "He was a catalyst. And I think that it was beautiful," said Carey of their whirlwind romance.