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    Trump signs executive actions after stimulus talks break down on Capitol Hill

    President Donald Trump tried to assert executive power by signing four actions Saturday after Democrats and the White House were unable to reach an agreement on a coronavirus stimulus relief bill this week.

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    Beirut blast: Missile may have been to blame, says Lebanon's president Michel Aoun

    Lebanon’s president has suggested that a missile could have been responsible for the catastrophic Beirut blast, as the country’s entrenched ruling class comes under increasing pressure from enraged citizens to resign. In a televised interview on Friday, Michel Aoun rejected calls for an international investigation into the disaster, which killed more than 150 people, saying it could have been caused by “negligence or foreign interference through a missile or bomb”. Experts have discounted the missile theory, pointing out that a fire burning at the port warehouse before the explosion was sufficient to cause the detonation of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been stored there. Meanwhile, the head of Hizbollah denied that his powerful Shia militant group had stored arms at the port. “We have nothing in the port: not an arms depot, nor a missile depot, nor missiles, nor rifles, nor bombs, nor bullets, nor nitrate,” Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech broadcast on Friday.

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    How to master bikini confidence in your 50s

    Last year I thought I’d finally cracked the code to bikini confidence – wear a one piece. There’s still a lot going for this approach. Even those flawless, long-limbed bikini models have to work 24/7 to make it look effortless. In their sleep they’re slathered in anti -cellulite creams and probably stress-dreaming about where to get hold of that magic oil product that makes cellulite magically disappear (it’s called the Madina Chic and Shine Stick and only available in Italy). So yes. Down with The Bikini felt like a feminist kind of thing to say. But that was 2019. This year, giving up on bikinis can feel like unfinished business, or a bit defeatist, when there are so many “refreshed” options, like – ta daa – big knicker bikinis, which are popular on Instagram, if nowhere else. There are other “interesting” options: the one-shoulder top which looks lovely on the beach and is ultra -flattering on broad shoulders, but will leave a road map of strap marks; the bandeau, which even swimwear models find tricky; the scooped out one-piece, that leaves such large expanses of bare flesh, it could be the most pointless design ever, and the high-cut 80s-style brief (just say no). If you’re staycationing in your garden, this is an especially good year for swimwear experiments. The Bridget Jones Knicker, which has been championed by Denise Bidot, a genuinely plus-sized model, has clear advantages in that it emphasises the waist, rather than tummy overhang, in direct contrast to those teeny briefs that always seem to cut you off at your worst point. Sure those big knickers aren’t without their issues. That “gentle hold” that feels reassuringly compressing at the start of the day, can leave you with the impression that your kidneys are about to implode eight hours in. Equally, for the chronically self-critical, there’s a possibility that the three centimetres of flesh between the tops of your briefs and the bottom of your bra might not pass the Iron-Woman Challenge. There could be a microscopic hint of wobble. To which the answer is, stop being so hard on yourself.

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    What to do when schools are closed and work wants you back

    But there are still some options for parents to think about if they're worried that school closures or a lack of childcare will affect their ability to go to work. A caveat: What follows is specific to parents in the US, and it is just general information; Huq recommends seeking legal advice pertaining to your circumstances through a local legal services office. Seek relief in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act In April, the US government enacted the Families First Coronavirus Response Act which offers employees facing a pandemic-related childcare crisis paid leave through two mechanisms.

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    What the State You Grew Up In Says About You

    Every state has its own distinctive culture and traditions.From Woman's Day

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    Twins listening to Phil Collins for the first time go viral after hilarious reaction

    A pair of twins listening to Phil Collins for the first time have gone viral for their hilarious reactions.The latest in the “First Time Hearing” video series from 21-year-old YouTube stars Tim and Fred Williams, known by viewers as “TwinsthenewTend”, sees the brothers listening to ”In the Air Tonight”.

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    Could a World War II Shipwreck Cause the Next Beirut-Like Explosion?

    The SS Richard Montgomery is basically a bomb waiting to go off.