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    A Black YouTuber's video of a racist confrontation led to an Arizona man's arrest and firing

    Andre Abram and his roommate were getting ready to shoot a video for his YouTube channel last week in Scottsdale, Arizona, when they were confronted by a man who used racial slurs after asking them what they were doing.

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    The Telegraph

    Dr Anthony Fauci warns US will not be back to normal until end of 2021

    Dr Anthony Fauci, America's top infectious diseases expert, has warned the United States may not be back to normal until the end of 2021, or even later. He said the US was “getting worse and worse” as new coronavirus cases averaged over 70,000 a day in the last week. Dr Fauci said: "I think it will be easily by the end of 2021 and perhaps into the next year before we start having some semblance of normality. "If normal means you can get people in a theatre without worrying about what we call congregate-setting super infections, if we can get restaurants to open almost at full capacity," He added: “People were ridiculed for wearing masks. It depended on which side of a political spectrum you were at, which is so painful to me as a physician, a scientist and a public health person.

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    The Independent

    Stevie Nicks says ‘payback’ is coming for Trump

    Fleetwood Mac star predicted side effects of president taking steroids

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    The Telegraph

    Indian teenager takes his own life after accidentally smashing family smartphone

    A distraught 16-year-old boy in southern India has killed himself after accidentally smashing the screen of the smartphone he and his three siblings relied on for remote school learning. Rohit Varak’s parents could not pay to get the phone fixed because his father’s work as a bus driver had dried up during the Covid-19 crisis, with India struggling to contain the world’s second-largest total caseload. The Indian government closed its schools in March with only three out of its 36 states and union territories gradually reopening classrooms - Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and the Punjab - with all lessons switched to online. Rohit and his siblings, who live in Goa, considered themselves fortunate to share one smartphone, local media reported. The incident has again highlighted how difficult it is for huge swathes of Indian students to access education virtually, with affordable access to technology out of reach for most people.

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    This High School Math Problem Has the Internet Dumbfounded. How Would You Solve It?

    It's so hard that it started a controversy in Australia. Tell us your answer.

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    Husband accuses police officer who killed his wife of robbing him of chance to rescue marriage

    A father-of-two accused the police officer who killed his wife of being the “worst kind of thief”, who had robbed him of the chance to save his marriage. On Tuesday, Andrew Parry launched the scathing attack on Timothy Brehmer, after the Dorset police constable was acquitted of murdering nurse Claire Parry, his long-term lover, when she revealed their affair to Brehmer's wife. Brehmer, 41, used enough force to fracture Mrs Parry’s neck in three places, when he “angrily” throttled her in his car moments after she texted his detective wife with the message “I'm cheating on you” from his phone. After a 12-day trial, jurors took just two hours and 50 minutes on Tuesday to clear Brehmer of murder, as he remained emotionless in the dock. He admitted manslaughter and faces sentencing on Wednesday.