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    Who won the final presidential debate?

    Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden got in solid punches, but who came out on top?

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    The X Change Rate: Shannon Purser & Baga Chipz

    In "The X Change Rate," award-winning drag queen, entertainer and TV personality Monét X Change brings her signature wit, heart and style to BUILD Series. Actor Shannon Purser ("Stranger Things," "Sierra Burgess is a Loser") joined Monét to talk about the LGBTQ+ docuseries from HBO Max, "Equal." U.K. drag queen Baga Chipz also stopped by to chat.

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    The Telegraph

    Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani caught in compromising position with young actress in Borat film 'gotcha'

    Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and former New York mayor, has been caught in a compromising situation with a young actress while unsuspectingly being filmed for the latest Borat film. Mr Giuliani was invited to a hotel in Manhattan in July by a member of comedian and director Sacha Baron Cohen’s team posing as a Russian reporter who said she wanted to talk about the president’s coronavirus handling. The journalist, played by Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova, 24, starts off by discussing the virus and where it might have started with Mr Giuliani, 76. “Not with a bat,” Mr Giuliani says. “Have you ever eaten a bat?” he asks the reporter, who gets him to agree to try one. She tells him she is nervous, to which he replies: “I’ll relax you, you want me to ask you a question?” After they stop filming, she then invites the two-term mayor into the bedroom next door for a drink.

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    The Telegraph

    Talented teenage showjumper took her own life following minor row, inquest hears

    A talented teenage showjumper, whose life was "full of promise" was found hanged next to her stables following a minor row about riding her pony too fast, an inquest heard. Brodie Morgan, 16, who had been struggling to come to terms with the death of both her grandfather and a close friend, took her own life in March this year. An inquest heard how the teenager had the "world at her feet", but had fallen out with a group of friends at school and had been told off by her mother shortly before the tragedy. At an inquest in Gwent, Brodie's mother, Emma Webb, who has launched a campaign to raise money for mental health charities, described how she had exchanged words with her daughter on the day of her death. She told the coroner: "Brodie was her usual happy self when I told her she was galloping too fast. I said she wouldn't go to a show at the weekend if she didn't slow down." The teenager, who had featured in Horse and Hound magazine and was tipped to achieve great things in the sport, told her mother it would be the last time she rode the pony.

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    How a narcissistic leader infects company culture

    Narcissists "infect" company culture like a virus, says a new management study. Replacing them may not be enough to undo their impact.