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    Experts say panic buttons can enhance school safety, but only 6 states require them

    In December 2021, the principal at Eagle Point Elementary School in Broward County, Florida, received an anonymous bomb threat. Using a silent panic alarm app on her phone, she alerted police and within seconds her image appeared on multiple screens in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • HealthNY Post

    Plastic surgeons warn ‘Ozempic face’ has taken over Hollywood

    Surgeons believe that Hollywood is experiencing a spike in the side effect known as "Ozempic Face," which they claim has affected everyone from John Goodman to Sharon Osborne.

    4 min read
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  • PoliticsAssociated Press

    Trump forced to listen silently to people insulting him as he trades a cocoon of adulation for court

    Over the past week, Donald Trump has been forced to sit inside a frigid New York courtroom and listen to a parade of potential jurors in his criminal hush money trial share their unvarnished assessments of him. Now a criminal defendant, Trump will instead spend the next several weeks subjected to strict rules that strip him of control over everything from what he is permitted to say to the temperature of the room. While Trump is occasionally confronted by protesters, generally he lives a life

    7 min read
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  • OpinionThe New Republic

    Trump Finally Sees Consequences for his Big Mouth in Hush-Money Trial

    Judge Juan Merchan penalized the former president and his legal team.

    1 min read
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  • USAssociated Press

    Emergency rooms refused to treat pregnant women, leaving one to miscarry in a lobby restroom

    One woman miscarried in the lobby restroom of a Texas emergency room as front desk staff refused to check her in. Another woman learned that her fetus had no heartbeat at a Florida hospital, the day after a security guard turned her away from the facility. Complaints that pregnant women were turned away from U.S. emergency rooms spiked in 2022 after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, federal documents obtained by The Associated Press reveal.

    8 min read
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  • CelebrityLife & Style

    Fans Call Out Kim Kardashian for Her Photo Choice for Kourtney’s Birthday: See Kourt’s Response

    Kim Kardashian celebrated older sister Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday with a bikini photo from a recent family vacation and fans slammed the ​skims star for her picture choice. Kim, 43, selected a pic from the family's recent Caribbean holiday, featuring a body positive and proud post-partum Kourtney. However, some commenters quickly thought Kourtney would take issue...

    2 min read